Flooring is a Gorgeous Alternate to Carpeting

As a kid, our doctor told my Parents to tear out all of the carpeting in our dwelling. Like many folks, I am quite allergic to dust-allergens. And it is very tricky to keep wall-to-wall carpeting allergen free, particularly a thick pile or shag. However, I grew up on the East coast, where except for the bedrooms; many houses had hard wood floors throughout. As an adult I moved to Boston, Where lots of the houses I saw, had linoleum lain over original bamboo flooring in the kitchen. From the 60’s and 70’s, wood flooring was thought of as old-fashioned or outdated. Nevertheless, it was shocking to pull up on the edge of deteriorating linoleum flooring that had come unglued, and locate stunning, inlayed walnut or walnut underneath.

A friend of mine, tired of the tacky linoleum in his kitchen-ripped it out, then sanded and polished the wood flooring beneath. A couple of weeks later, he invited me over to respect his handy-work. The result, I would not ever forget. By resurrecting his old wood flooring it gave his kitchen a warm classic and comfy look. Wood floors have personality. And gorgeous hardwood flooring york pa speaks to our inborn love of nature and the wonderful outdoors. When I transferred Out west, it appeared that each and every flat or house I lived in had wall-to wall carpeting. With new construction–it is a good deal cheaper to install carpet then wood. These carpets needed regular professional cleaning to keep them looking nice. And if I did not keep up on vacuuming my allergies could worsen.

Now, with more awareness of Indoor air-quality, allergies, and a desire to have more of a natural appearance in our houses, hardwood flooring is gaining popularity. There are many varieties of wood species. Needless to say, you have your traditional oak or maple-with hi-and lo-gloss finishes. Now, however, homeowners can also choose from exotic woods like Brazilian Cherry, Mahogany, gorgeous Hickory or Swiss Pear. Some wood is available in broad plank-for the expression of an old farmhouse. For funding conscience buyers, Today’s’ laminate flooring offers a massive selection for a fraction of the price tag. With laminate flooring you have a layer of foam installed beneath, giving it a silent layer of cushioning. Laminate also has many different designs-which perfectly mimic rock, Mexican tile, hickory, marble or granite. You can turn your house into a digital palace with a laminate upgrade. We have come a long way in the tacky linoleum of the 70’s with technological improvements in materials and design.